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Work Scope

Initially, the Copernic group {Systems} was created to service the in-house technical needs of its parent group only. This consisted of software & web development, system design, programming & deployment, infrastructure purchasing & maintenance, current technical trends research & recommendations, including all training & documentation requirements. As well, anything the "higher ups" felt may stop them from spending the afternoon on the Golf course, would be delegated to tCg systems, often at the last minute on Friday afternoons...

However, because of the group's desire to help small business flourish, we sometimes offer our expertise and services to local businesses. When circumstances permit, we also donate in-kind services to qualifying local non-profit agencies. Please use our contact form for further information on in-kind service requests or for paid contract work.

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  Site Analytics

Custom analytics for your website, with live updates of current site visitors (including their details), campaign tracking options, custom variables, and more. If you wish, you can have periodic stats reports emailed to you.

  Cloud Sync

Your very own Cloud service for syncing contacts, calendars, pictures, and other files. Edit your synced documents online, automatically create shareable slideshows for uploaded pics, keep data synchronized on all your computers, regardless of operating system used.

  PBX Services

For your business communication needs. Manage your existing, or create, toll-free numbers, local numbers, voice mail, SMS needs, and other PBX services

Helpful Links

We do a lot of research using the internet, and have come across some great resources while doing so. Below are just a few websites that we believe will help to fulfill your I.T. (that's tech speak for "computer related stuff") needs. None of these sites belong to us, nor do we receive any compensation for promoting them, we just like them.


    The site for asking computer related questions, beginner to advanced, AND getting the exact answer you were looking for (often within 12hrs)


    Great ideas on how to use your computer to improve, or accomplish, those everyday tasks, or life in general


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